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What to Do If Your Senior Loved One Has a Stroke

One of the biggest health risks for seniors is stroke, and almost 800,000 people have strokes in the US each year. Luckily, if you recognize your loved one is having a stroke, there are things you can do to help. Home Care Assistance, the leading provider of home care in Tracy, CA, has put together the following tips for caregivers in the hopes that you can identify a stroke and act accordingly.

Identify Stroke Symptoms

Make sure you know the signs of a stroke. The acronym FAST can help you remember what to look for. Facial drooping, arm weakness, and speech difficulty are all stroke symptoms, and time is of the essence.

Contact 9-1-1

The most important thing you can do is get medical help as soon as possible. Minutes matter in the outcome of a stroke because the more time a senior waits for medical attention the more damage is inflicted on the brain. Contact 9-1-1 immediately and ask the dispatcher to send an ambulance. Stay on the phone if you need additional instructions.

Wait for an Ambulance

Do not drive a stroke victim to the hospital yourself. Not all hospitals are equipped to handle and treat strokes, and waiting for EMS will ensure your loved one will receive stabilizing treatment enroute to the proper hospital. 

Administer First Aid

While waiting for medical assistance, try to keep your loved one comfortable and warm. If he or she loses consciousness, turn your family member to the side in a supported position. If there is any external bleeding, apply continuous pressure to the area to staunch the blood flow. 

Report Signs and Symptoms to Paramedics

Whether conscious or unconscious, keep an eye on your senior loved one and make careful note of any changes in his or her condition while you wait for help to arrive. Be sure to let paramedics know exactly what time the symptoms first appeared, as time is of the essence in determining the best course of treatment.

After experiencing a medical emergency like a stroke, your loved one may require additional help and support with everyday tasks. Home Care Assistance provides trusted and compassionate post-stroke care in Tracy for seniors, and our caregivers can help with meal preparation, personal care, mobility assistance, transportation to doctor appointments, and household chores. Our caregivers can also offer companionship and emotional support during the challenging recovery process. Contact a friendly Care Manager today at 203.650.8500 for your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.