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Helping Your Sick Senior Loved One Enjoy Thanksgiving

For most, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family, but it can be challenging for your senior loved one if he or she is sick. Tracy live-in home care providers can offer simple and effective tips to help you help your sick senior parent enjoy Thanksgiving. 

Plan Ahead 

Invite family members to your Thanksgiving celebration that get along with your sick senior loved one to prevent tension, or if your elderly family member tires easily, limit guests to just the immediate family. A large gathering could make your elderly loved one irritable and exhausted. It may also be helpful to assign a family member to be your senior loved one’s companion for the day to make him or her feel content while you prepare for the festivities.

Reminisce About the Old Days

You can use picture albums, music, and family videos to evoke memories and encourage your senior loved one to share past experiences and stories with you and the family. It’s a wonderful way for generations to bond and learn from one another. This is an especially important holiday activity for those who have seniors who receive dementia or Parkinson’s home care in Tracy.

Prepare Special Foods 

Make sure you make some of your senior loved one’s favorite dishes or desserts as part of your Thanksgiving meal. It’ll make them feel included, welcome, and it could also trigger pleasant thoughts of past holidays. Familiar foods have the added benefit of making your loved one feel comfortable and may stave off feelings of disorientation or confusion.

Create New Memories 

Give your sick senior loved one something to look forward to this Thanksgiving. Add something new to do during your Thanksgiving celebration like playing charades. If your senior loved one is well enough, go window shopping or drive him or her around town to see how it’s decorated for the holidays. Take pictures and start a new album for your loved one to look at and enjoy for years to come.

If your senior loved one is ill, it doesn’t mean he or she should miss out on the warmth and merriment of Thanksgiving. With help from Home Care Assistance, your loved one will receive comprehensive live-in or hourly home care Tracy families can rely upon during the holiday season. Our caregivers can help prepare nutritious holiday feasts and provide safety monitoring for your loved one while you focus on making Thanksgiving special. Call us today at 209.650.8500 to schedule a free consultation.