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Smart Tech and Seniors: 7 Tech Gadgets for Mom and Dad

seniors-techBeing a caregiver for your parent isn’t easy. You can’t realistically be there for them 24/7 but you want Mom and Dad to stay safe – even when you aren’t home. Rather than having arguments about more in-home care, turn to in-home technology. Whether you’re a long-distance caregiver looking for resources or just need some additional support, these new tech gadgets will give you some peace of mind and keep Mom and Dad safe at home so they can stay independent.

Make Appliances Smart

Why not go big and go home? Marry smart technology with home staples.

  • Install a smart refrigerator. Do you have to go through the fridge for spoiled food every time you visit your parents? Minimize waste while keeping Mom and Dad well-fed with a smart fridge that keeps track of what it contains. It can warn you if something has expired and remind you when it’s time to restock.
  • Buy a smart mattress. Aging comes with enough aches and pains without a mattress adding to them. Smart mattresses adjust to different heights, firmness, temperature, and more. If your parents have had the same mattress for years, it is time to upgrade.

Forget Forgetfulness

We’re all familiar with forgetting where we put our keys, even without the effects of aging. Help Mom and Dad out with devices that remember the important stuff for them.

  • Use a medication reminder. Worried Mom and Dad won’t remember to take their medications? A medication reminder stores all of their medications, alerts them when it is time for the next dose, and prevents accidental overdose. Choose the classic version that sounds an alarm and unlocks itself or a fancy version with added lights and text alerts.
  • Install a personal assistant. Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home are making waves among Baby Boomers. They are hands-free personal assistants that can play music, find TV shows, make phone calls, set reminders, and more. Whenever your parents have a thought, all they need to do is speak it aloud for their assistant to jot down.