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Important Charities That Benefit Seniors

While your loved one may be hesitant to accept help from charity organizations, some encouragement from family members can help seniors embrace the opportunities and support that charities provide. Tracy live-in home care providers recommend the following charities your loved one may benefit from. 

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation

Animal companionship is beneficial for many seniors, which is why many organizations work to provide the sick and the elderly with visits from therapy animals. Seniors who receive at-home care in Tracy may not get a chance to benefit from these experiences, so in 1992, Pets for the Elderly started to help cover the adoption costs for those 60 and over who adopt pets from participating shelters. The goal is to unite pets that may otherwise never receive a home with seniors who can benefit from having and caring for a pet, but might not be able to afford the adoption fees. If your loved one is an animal person and could care for a pet, you can find participating shelters online.

Meals on Wheels

One of the biggest issues for seniors is eating healthy, well-balanced meals each day. Seniors may not be able to cook a nutritious meal, or they simply live on a fixed income that limits the quality of food they’re able to buy. Ensuring a healthy, delicious meal isn’t a concern for seniors who participate in Meals on Wheels programs. The organization delivers hot meals to your loved one at least once a day. Generally, these programs operate on a sliding scale based on income or for a nominal fee. Meals on Wheels charities tend to be organized through senior centers, churches, and other organizations on a citywide level, so you can check with local senior centers to find out how to get involved. 

Independent Transportation Network

This national service organizes rides for seniors in local municipalities to help keep seniors mobile. Many seniors struggle with transportation needs once they are no longer able to drive or cannot maintain the expense of a personal vehicle. ITN picks seniors up at home, brings them to the desired location, and returns to bring them home at an appointed time. The service will even walk your loved one to the vehicle or into the house if necessary. While the rides aren’t free, there is a program within the service to help seniors who need help to pay for their rides. Better yet, adult children can volunteer as drivers for ITN and earn credits for senior parents and loved ones to use towards rides.

Second Wind Dreams

This program functions a little like Make-A-Wish Foundation, except it is geared towards seniors. Generally, the program helps people in assisted living situations, seniors in hospice, or those who have dementia receive a special wish. Your loved one can wish for something small, such as a new outfit, to something as amazing as a trip to Europe. The program’s donors are able to choose which wish they want to grant, become a monthly donor, or even offer a one-time donation. Go online to learn more about the organization.

Charities aren’t the only organizations that benefit Palm Desert seniors. Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of diligent in-home care that includes specialized programs such as Parkinson’s, dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s home care in Palm Desert. Our certified caregivers undergo comprehensive training from Home Care Assistance University to learn the latest in home care practices from personal care assistance to emotional support. For more information, call us today at (209) 650-8500 to speak with an experienced Care Manager.