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How Caregivers Can Prepare for Stress Awareness Month in April

Due to the nature of the tasks involved, the job of being a family caregiver can take its toll and result in stress. Fortunately for Tracy home care providers, April is right around the corner and serves as a reminder of Stress Awareness Month. The purpose of Stress Awareness Month is to highlight the need for caregivers to also take time to care for themselves while looking after their loved ones.

Spotting Signs of Stress

Caregivers sometimes hide or minimize stress in an effort to avoid it. Stress tends to become progressively worse with increased or sustained anxiety and poses increased health risks to both you and your senior loved one. In some cases, high levels of anxiety can lead to blow-ups over small issues or unintentional neglect during a condition known as burnout. Possible signs of caregiver stress include:

  • Feeling increasingly tired or rundown
  • Worsening of existing health issues
  • Increased irritability
  • Overreactions to minor nuisances
  • Difficulty sleeping

Stress Management Tips

Realistically, you’re not going to eliminate all instances of stress you may experience during your role as caregiver. Developing a strategy for handling stress, however, can help reduce anxiety and improve your relationship with your senior loved one. You can successfully manage your stress by:

  • Seeking assistance from other family members or hiring part-time stroke, dementia, or Alzheimer’s home care in Tracy
  • Developing effective coping mechanisms, such as taking short walks or keeping a journal
  • Maintaining a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and healthy sleep schedule
  • Practicing relaxation techniques, such as controlled breathing and meditation
  • Setting time aside for yourself each day to rest and regroup

It will also help to reach out to resources in your area. Your primary care physician should be able to direct you towards appropriate local resources. The Family Care Navigator provides a listing of caregiver resources according to state. has a Family Caregiver Toolbox that can serve as a handy reference guide. In-person or online support groups can also be helpful.

In honor of Stress Awareness Month, we hope family caregivers will look into home care agencies like Home Care Assistance of Tracy. Caring for a loved one can be challenging to do alone, but with our help, you can give your family member the comprehensive Alzheimer’s, stroke, or dementia home care Tracy seniors can trust. Not only do we give seniors the opportunity to meet the challenges of aging at home, but we also assist with daily activities such as meal preparation, personal care, and housekeeping. Call us today at (209) 650-8500 to learn more and schedule a no-obligation consultation.